Request for Quote – Dresser

  • Dresser Project Questions

    Does not have to be exact, but will give us an idea to quote out the project
  • This will help us understand the amount of material for project
  • Wood prices vary depending on the species. Maple, Walnut, Oak... (Leave blank if unsure)
  • Depending on your budget: The price for a dresser built entirely out of real wood will be higher than the wood/cabinet grade plywood combo. Both are great options; it's a personal preference.
  • People usually select all wood joinery when looking for a heirloom piece. There is more labor is involved so the price is usually higher. Metal fasteners like screws will still build a strong piece of furniture, but over time they MAY (not definite) move and crack the wood. For example check out "Mortise and Tenon joinery" on Google or another search engine.
  • Please let us know if you want to keep the natural color of the wood or want it stained a certain color.
  • $X - $XXX or $X to $XXX
  • We are located in Oneonta, NY. States we have delivered to: Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. We are very open to working with you and prefer delivery so that we can set everything up, but there is a discount to picking it up. Shipping is always an option.